Features of RAKIA

RAKIA’s Advantageous Features

  • Licensing, setting up a new business in Free Zone & Non-Free zone
  • 100% income and corporate tax exemptions
  • No Import or Export Taxes. No Income, Sales or Wealth Tax
  • No restrictions on hiring expatriates.
  • Land at very Concessional Rates, 25 Years Renewable Lease Agreements
  • Proximity to EntireGulf and Global Markets


Fiscal Benefits

  • 100% income and corporate tax exemptions,
  • No Foreign exchange controls,
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation,
  • Strong appreciating and fully convertible currency,
  • Low Inflation, Easy funding from International Banks.


Regulatory Benefits

  • 100% ownership in Free Zones,
  • No trade barriers or quotas,
  • Easy Licensing Procedures,
  • Simple Import & Export Policies,
  • Liberal labour laws,
  • No restrictions on hiring expatriates.


And also

  • Issue of visit and residence visa,
  • Open door policy,
  • Single window clearance for permits and consents,
  • Every investor gets personal attention,
  • Cost and time savings,
  • Good roads, drainage and sewage facility,
  • Ready availability of power,
  • Water and gas at competitive prices,
  • Good telecommunication facility and immediate phone and broadband connection,
  • Investor breaks ground within 3 months of signing lease contract as against 12-18 months elsewhere,
  • Excellent local and international banks for funding project finance,
  • Proximity to entire gulf and global markets,
  • Affordable hotels, sports and leisure facilities.