Are there any fees to submit the application forms?
Initial approval is free of charge.

How can I monitor the status a company approval?
Please follow up with the sales executive.

Can our company have more than one facility? For   instance warehouse?
Yes, your company can have all of these facilities provided the minimum space requirements are met and are subject to availability.

Will RAKWL Free zone allow any kind of manufacturing?
Manufacturing activities are limited and closely monitored due to safety regulations.

Can a company take a license at RAKWL FreeZones/ Non Free Zone without renting a facility?
No, a company must lease a facility in order to receive a license.

Do we need a local sponsor to establish a company at RAKWL Free zone?
No, at RAKWL Free zone you will have 100% ownership of your company.

Where can I obtain the legal documents required for a Branch, FZE or FZCO?
Via our Licensing Department.

How long does it take to register a company after submitting all legal documents and settling payment?
It will take 2 working days after submitting all legal documents and settling payment.

What is the method of payment for facilities at RAKWL Free zone/ Non Free Zone?
Advance payment is required.

Can we transfer a license we have at JAFZA to RAKWL Freezone?
No, first you have to apply for a new one at RAK Free zone and then cancel your license at JAFZA.

Can I do business with Dubai market while being located in RAK Freezone?
FZCO’s and FZE’s can practice their activities in Dubai Market through local distributors or agents. Branches are considered as a representative office of their parent company.

What are the activities allowed in RAK Free zone/ Non Free zone?
All trading /manufacturing activities of specific products are allowed as long as they are not hazardous.

How to apply for the visa?
 Login  with your company's "Tas'heel" username and password through   RAKIA website and request for the visas.

What are the required visa documents?
Initially there are no documents required, only the application to be submitted through the net and a passport copy of the person applied for to be forwarded to the commercial operations by fax or e-mail (fax number is available on Tas'heel).


How do I lease warehouse?
By signing lease contract with RAk warehouse Leasing.


What papers I need to submit for lease?
Passport   Copy of signing   authority and License copy.


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